On one of my shopping trips to Re-Use Hawai’i, I picked up reclaimed louvers and painted trim pieces to turn them into wall art. I created a template to aid me in making cool star wars paintings. It helped standardize the size of the artwork and the placement of the cross pieces. These will simply be glued and nailed together. Determining nail length was a challenge for me when I started learning about woodwork. Now, I typically use nails that are long enough to penetrate through the first material and enter at least half-way through the second. While the nails will mechanically fasten the cross piece in place, wood glue creates a chemical bond that will help keep pieces together. I simply squeezed a curved zigzag pattern of glue along the length of each piece and slid them in place. I set the brad nails centered on the cross piece and the perpendicular louvers, hammering them in at a slight angle, then inset the brads with an oversized nail set.